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As Explorape, we focus on developing projects that help improve the income of local families.

Campo Express Project

Campo Express

CompoExpress is a project that is responsible for empowering local farmers and provide them with a platform where they can sell their products to customers, both families and restaurants.

Technology for less

Tec For Less

TecForLess is a program that helps low-income young people to have access to technology classes at a very low cost. TecForLess teaches computer programming, wensite creation, mobile application development, games design, and more.

Travel and join is a program we created with the idea that you can travel and join one of the social programs we have.

Social Projects

Our goal is to collaborate with Andean communities, local families and low-income youth  to overcome the economic and social challenges they face.

Local Guides

We work with local guides, most of whom are rural people who have migrated to the city and some of them are from Casa del Maestro.

Local Communities

The way we help local communities is by developing projects and giving them tools they can use to improve their quality of life and income.

Non-profit Organizations

We support Casa del Maestro, an organization that helps young people from the countryside to study and have a place to stay in the city.

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