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Our Mission

To make the local service of the Cusqueños world class

We believe that in Cusco we can find and develop the best service provided by the people of Cusco and Peru, to show that we are capable of developing world class services.

Cusco Markets

Why choose us

As a local company from Cusco, we want to use local hands for all the services we provide. And thus help people who have fewer opportunities to improve their income.

How we make this posible?

Local Guides

We work with local guides, most of whom are rural people who have migrated to the city and some of them are from Casa del Maestro.

Training and continuing education

We are constantly improving, and this is for everyone involved in Explorape, from drivers, cooks, travel advisors, etc. All of them are in constant growth, both professionally and personally.

We help local non-profit organizations

We support Casa del Maestro, an organization that helps young people from the countryside to study and have a place to stay in the city.

Join our "Have a local experience"

This program consists of hiring a small service that will be performed by one of the guys from Cusco, either from Casa del Maestro or other people who have difficulties in getting decent job opportunities:

  • Option 1: One or two of them will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.
  • Option 2: Return to the airport.
  • Option 3: Transportation service.
  • Option 4: Hire a local tour, to know Cusco closely (Walking Tour).
  • Option 5: Customize a service you want.

Why this program?

We know that in Cusco and Peru it is difficult to get decent jobs, so Explorape wants to be like an intermediary between the visitors and the local people who are passionate about showing their culture.

Travel & Join Program

Travel and help local communities and teach something about technology.  

Contact us and live an incredible experience.